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Biologically extraordinary: saving the Tsitongambarika forest in Madagascar

Tsitongambarika Protected Area is biologically extraordinary. These 60,000 hectares of tropical forest are home to 50 endemic species. After decades of deforestation caused by political instability, the landscape is now deeply fragmented and communities suffer extreme poverty with reducing ecosystem services and limited economic opportunities. BirdLife partner Asity knows that a co-management structure with communities, nourished by a sound financial strategy through carbon offset and...

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Restoring the Serra do Urubu-Murici corridor in the Atlantic Forest, Brazil

To ecologically recover some of the last remaining tracts of the Atlantic Forest in Northeastern Brazil, this investment proposition brings together financial mechanisms, legislative progress and sustainable practices for long-term protection of this biodiversity hotspot.

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Organic shade-grown yerba mate with biodiversity at its heart

The Atlantic Forest is one of the most diverse and most threatened biomes in the word. It is estimated that only 7% of its original cover remains to date. By developing an organic shade-grown yerba mate enterprise with the farmers from the Alto Verá District and the Mbyá Guarani from Arroyo Moroti Community, we are rewarding smallholders for their positive actions to conserve the forest and its wildlife, and creating forested corridors for a thriving biodiversity.

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Katie Sims

Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Bio Linking diverse forest conservation initiatives with productive economic models and innovative market approaches -- by finding the linkages between global commitments, funding sources and private sector interests, we kick start local businesses to protect the forest and its wildlife.

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