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The Pacifico Norte landscape within the Choco-Darien

The Choco-Darien is an extremely biodiversity rich region recognised for its mangroves, estuarine forests, lowland and montane rainforests. It has more than 7,500 species of plant, 700 butterflies, and more than 1,500 birds, as well as important populations of coastal species such as marine turtles and humpback whales.

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Kedah Sustainable Landscape Initiative

Through a sustainable landscape approach, the catchment forest will continue to provide its ecological services – ensuring water security and enabling economic growth for the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia, and contributing to the nation’s food security.

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Southern Kenya-Northern Tanzania (SOKNOT) Integrated Transboundary Conservation Corridor Programme

The SOKNOT programme offers the opportunity to strengthen and better connect eight National Parks / Reserves and 32 community managed conservation areas within a ~ 136,189 km 2 landscape along the Kenya-Tanzania border; this landscape hosts over 60% and over 28% of the elephant and lion populations in Kenya and  Tanzania, respectively, supports the livelihood needs of local communities, and contributes significantly to sustainable regional economic growth.

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