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Greater Virunga landscape (GVL)

GVL is shared between Uganda, DRC and Rwanda, trans-boundary landscape. The Uganda part of the GVL can be a model for biodiversity protection, economic growth and sustainable development in Africa.

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Indus Delta Eco-region

The Indus for All Programme was created back in 2007 and is still giving major directions to conservation programs in the region. It has structured and successfully implemented programs around poverty and the environment nexus, but it is now time to update the strategy with more sustainable financing and strategic objectives that would capture climate resilience and alternative livelihood opportunities, such as sustainable fisheries, sustainable production of organic products (indigo and...

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Raphaele Deau

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Joined this community on Dec 20, 2016

Bio Raphaele is an independent Consultant on Climate and Development issues, with specific expertise on sustainable value chains and green growth development. Raphaele has recently worked on low carbon private investments in Cambodia, responsible investments preserving mangroves, and the business case for meaningful public participation in EIAs. Raphaele is a Lab Associate, providing strategic and technical support to the markets and finance incubator.

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