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Mapping Instructions

You can produce your own interactive map to illustrate your Landscape Concept using the WWF GLOBIL mapping system. The instructions below detail how to create a map and share it for use within the Crowdicity platform. 

  1. Visit the WWF GLOBIL website
    In a new window, navigate to the WWF GLOBIL portal

  2. Sign in
    Select 'Sign In' from the upper right corner and use your WWF or ArcGIS Online account to sign in.

  3. Create a new map
    Choose 'Map' from the upper left navigation menu to start creating your new map.

  4. Design your map
    Start designing your map by adding datasets from the WWF GLOBIL archives, drawing features or annotations, and uploading shapefiles or tabular data. 
  5. Save your map
  6. Share your map
  7. Paste the URL into Crowdicity