Landscape Finance Lab

Landscape Finance Lab

Community principles 

The Lab works with the following principles and we hope members will resonate with this: 


A clear and focused space to support and develop landscape solutions, knowledge, and gain access to finance opportunities and peer advice. When topics and comments are counterproductive to this the Lab will invoke its moderation role. 

Open and collaborative 

All members should feel like they will be listened to and accepted. In return we ask that members do the same for each other and feel like they can share information openly for the purposes of collaboration, without fear of competition.  

Shared purpose 

The Lab team and partners take time to build a shared purpose that is inspiring, measurable and achievable. This also requires an element of non-attachment so that we may stay collaborative and open. 

Empathy and service

The Lab maintains efforts to be of service, while managing ego and making the most of existing energy of others in this space. When responding to fellow members please consider how you can be of service, offer advice, link to others that are doing similar osupportive things.

Celebration and affirmation 

Regenerative work can be all consuming and exhausting. We believe in people and their superpower, music and rhythm, outcomes and celebration. When something moves or excites you, please share this with the members - as a Community of actors in this space we can help each other maintain energy and momentum!