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The Landscape Incubator offers a space to share landscape concepts, seek and receive support through the design process and follow progress. We are excited to partner with the Dutch Fund for Climate and Development (DFCD)  to support 10 landscapes. You will see these tagged in the portfolio.  How you can get involved The Landscape Finance Lab team is currently working with a number of teams. These teams move through the 4 stages in the LFL development process . You can support landscapes by offering the following advice and support to programme teams:  - your thoughts on the submission through your specialism lens - any red flags or risks you identify - any initial suggestions for the team - resources you have access to, to help develop this further In 2020, we welcomed new landscapes being supported by the  Birdlife Forest Landscape Sustainability Accelerator   and the Dutch Fund for Climate and Development (DFCD) . These landscape teams share their programmes and vision and support needs. This is a great opportunity to nurture cross-organisational learning and also showcase new landscape visions. If you would like to showcase your landscape we welcome you to submit your idea/ concept note to share in the portfolio and we happy to label it as one being supported by your organisation/ initiative. Click on the submit button in the top right corner of the screen...

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