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We welcome you to use this space to share resources, tools, inspiring cases and opportunities with fellow members.

As essential reading we'd recommend starting with the 1) Little Book of Sustainable Landscapes, 2) Landscape Elements resource and Ecoagriculture Partners' 3) Business for Sustainable Landscapes report


Webinar: Survey results and roadmap for future of the Lab in 2019

Posted by Natalia Krasnodebska Aug 29, 2018 Posted in About the Lab

In June, we asked all our members of the Lab to fill out a short survey to let us know how we are serving you and what could be done better. Rachel Sinha from the Systems Studio ran the survey and interviews and compiled a report for us. In this short webinar we review her findings and share our plans to address your needs. Thank you to everyone who participated, your feedback is invaluable to helping us grow. Rachel's presentation with her findings is attached.

Watch the full conversation with Rachel and the Lab here

We summarized your feedback into these Top 10 Takeaways:

1. Clear, inspiring case studies
2. Raise the profile of the Lab
3. Show progress
4. Sharper at financing
5. Clearer on how to engage
6. Sharpen focus
7. Build capacity in WWF
8. Manage potential investors better, structured follow-ups
9. Support cost of project development
10. Host more meetings

Here's how we're addressing them, to hear more infomation about each, listen to the webinar recording or add your questions in the comments.

1. Clear, inspiring case studies

  • Share case studies from the Sustainable Landscape Challenge
  • One webinar a month from a landscape team to encourage sharing
  • Highlight longer form interviews on Medium and our blog

2. Raise the profile of the Lab

  • We publish an annual report
  • Completed communications and branding exercise, to be rolled out by September
  • Lab team to attend more events, here's where we are going this year:
  • Governors Climate and Forest Task Force, San Francisco, 19 Sep
  • Climate Innovation Summit, Dublin Oct 6-8
  • Responsible business summit, London, Oct 10-11. 
  • Innovation Forum sustainable landscape conference on Nov 7, in London. We will speak about the SCALE program in Cambodia, together with H&M speakers.
  • Global Landscapes Forum, Bonn, Dec 1-2

3. Show progress

  • Show deliverable on SCALE as a key case study (created a 4 pager, we will be attending events with H&M)
  • Focus on Paraguay and Brazil landscapes with blogs and updates - we’ll have one later this week on Paraguay!

4. Sharper at financing

We aim to:

  • Recruit consultants and partners accordingly
  • Integrate a realistic finance offering into the Lab's business model

5. Clearer on how to engage

  • Inductions happen twice a week on Thursdays, if you missed out or want a refresher, sign up or email Natalia
  • Anyone can comment or ask questions on any of the landscapes on the platform, we encourage you to contribute
  • The blog is open to anyone to share knowledge, lessons or their case studies
  • We have shared a market strategy with the Network

6. Sharpen focus

  • We are working on a Learning Academy to give landscape teams more structured milestones, lessons and resources (the Challenge was a great tool to test this!)
  • We just finished a communications audit that helped us to clarify our USP and goals, we’ll be sharing more clearly what we do and how in September.

7. Build capacity in WWF

  • Running an in-person training in Cambodia later this year
  • Ran a test training on landscape sourcing in April
  • Building a landscape academy with the ACAI
  • Systematic landscape training for all landscape teams in business with the Lab
  • If successful, repeat externally, possibly with Commonland as a partner

8. Manage potential investors better, structured follow-ups

  • Our work with Bankable Projects should help us move in this direction

9. Support cost of project development

  • This is not the role of the Lab! We are not fundraising for landscapes, but we can introduce teams to funders
  • We are considering establishing a seedfund within the Lab in the next year or so - that would help recover design costs

10. Host more meetings

  • In person meetings are hard to execute! 
  • We are working with the ACAI to do more peer-to-peer learning through specific introductions. Rather than big group calls, to connect 2 teams directly who have similar challenges
  • Host more topic-themed calls

 Many thanks to Rachel for her inspired work! Her full presentation is attached and feel free to let us know if you have any further questions or concerns!

This post was edited on Sep 5, 2018 by Natalia Krasnodebska

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Comments (2)

Paul Chatterton says... Aug 30, 2018
Thanks to everyone who participated. We really value your input. Last year’s surveys really helped steer our directions and we aim to use your advice this year to strengthen the Lab’s offering again this year. We’re already working on a lot of the points you raise as priorities - finance, awareness and on the ground implementation. And we’ll take on some new and interesting suggestions as we develop our plans for 2019.
Paul Chatterton says... Aug 30, 2018
PS: Warm thanks to Rachel for a really thorough and thoughtful piece of work. It’s been great working with you and SystemsStudio!

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