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We welcome you to use this space to share resources, tools, inspiring cases and opportunities with fellow members.

As essential reading we'd recommend starting with the 1) Little Book of Sustainable Landscapes, 2) Landscape Elements resource and Ecoagriculture Partners' 3) Business for Sustainable Landscapes report


Submitting a post in the Knowledge Hub

Posted by Deesha Chandra (Admin) Feb 20, 2017 Posted in About the Lab

To create a post in the Knowledge Hub  click "Create new post" to open the blog post editor. 

If you have started a blog post and saved it as a draft, you can click on SHOW DRAFTS to edit your draft instead of creating a new blog post.

The blog editor provides space for you to add a title to your post and to add the content. You can use the formatting buttons at the bottom of the content box to add headings, lists and images. 

When you have finished editing your blog post you can choose to Publish it immediately, or to save it as a draft. The default setting will automatically publish your blog post, if you would like to save it as a draft, click on the drop down field that says Publish now and click on Save to Drafts to finish. 


Blog categories and associated ideas

The grey panel on the left hand side allows you to add even more to your post including: sorting the post into a category, associations with ideas or challenges and attachments. 

Blog category

Blog categories are a way of sorting blog posts into common themes. You can choose to add your post to one of the categories using this drop down field. The current categories are: Inspiring cases;  Finance;  Tools;  Sustainable TradeMapsTraining and External networks

Associated ideas and challenges

If you'd like to write a post in relation to an idea or space, you can use this area to let users know to which idea or space it relates. Start typing the name of the idea or space e.g. "Heart of Borneo" or "Landscapes Incubator" to see a list that you can choose from. 

If you are looking for an idea that you would like to associate with your blog post, select 'Ideas' and if you are looking for a space, select 'Challenges'. When you can see the idea or challenge that you're looking for, hover your mouse over it and then click the Add button. 

When you publish your idea, the associated challenge/s and idea/s will be shown as links at the bottom of the blog post. 


Adding attachments to a post

You can attach images and other files to your posts, when the post has been published they will be shown as thumbnails, underneath the text of the post. 

The first image that you attach will be used to represent the blog post on the Home page.

If you want an image to be in line with the text of your blog post (i.e. not a thumbnail) you should add the image in the blog editing window (where you type the text).

Good to know

If you want to attach an image that will be shown on the home page to represent the blog, your image should be 314 x 148 pixels to get the best results.

To add attachments to your post: In the grey panel on the left-hand side, click Attach files and select a file from your computer. Alternatively drag a file from your computer and drop it into the box with a dashed line. 

This post was edited on Feb 20, 2017 by Deesha Chandra

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