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SCALE update: brochure about the program

Posted by Natalia Krasnodebska Sep 5, 2018 Posted in Inspiring cases

A quick update from the SCALE team in Cambodia. We've published a short brochure about the program, describing how H&M group got involved in biodiversity conservation.

The SCALE program is coordinated by WWF Cambodia, with support of H&M group, WWF Sweden and the Lab, and in partnership with WCS and GERES. 

This cooperation aims to secure the forests of the Eastern Plains landscape, promote sustainable forestry and eventually reintroduce tigers which are now extinct across the whole of Cambodia.

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Comments (2)

Jamie Lawrence says... Sep 5, 2018

Great work! Thanks for sharing.

There is a nascent and largely untapped opportunity to leverage company sustainability commitments (and their intrinsic need for security of supply) to underwrite blended finance deals for landscape projects. This, I believe, will be key to securing funds and returns for the huge effort of landscape restoration required over the next 30 years. 

Paul Chatterton says... Sep 12, 2018

Yes, it s a key test of whether companies are prepared to not only shift their own supply to sustainability but also contribute to a larger cooperative effort within a landscape.  We'll be reporting back on progress.

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