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Forest Finance Challenge

Posted by Deesha Chandra (Admin) Oct 30, 2017 Posted in Landscape Networks

The WWF Forest team seeks to unleash the power of the crowd to capitalize on new, self-sustaining ways of generating funding for alternative energy.

Nearly 3 billion people rely on solid fuel, including fuelwood and charcoal, to meet their cooking needs. Use of these fuels results in forest loss, declining wildlife populations, human health problems from smoke inhalation, and greenhouse gas emissions.

WWF is looking for bold, new, innovative ideas and models that promote sustainable finance. Alternative energy, such as biogas or clean cookstoves, can be expensive in rural communities, and WWF is looking to overcome the hurdle of upfront cost by building sustainable ways to access money and support access to energy. This will help with reducing dependence on forests for energy, directly contributing to wildlife conservation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Enter the challenge to make your mark on WWF’s work to halt deforestation and restore forests!

Click to see the challenge and for the challenge rules!

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