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IKI Medium Grants deadline extended (26 May)

Posted by Deesha Chandra (Admin) Apr 24, 2020 Posted in Finance

IKI Medium Grants focuses on Germany-based implementing organisations that are involved in international cooperation for climate and biodiversity protection in developing and emerging countries.

The funding programme is implemented by Zukunft - Umwelt - Gesellschaft (ZUG) gGmbH on behalf of BMU and ranges between EUR300K - 800K over 2 -3 yrs.

The IKI funds projects in the following areas:

Eligible organisations

The German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) regularly selects projects to be funded within the IKI framework by means of idea competitions. Detailed information on funding conditions, selection criteria, funding objectives and funding priorities can be found in the document entitled “Funding Information on IKI Medium Grants”. 

The evaluation of the project outlines and proposals is carried out by Zukunft – Umwelt – Gesellschaft (ZUG) gGmbH on behalf of BMU and under the supervision of relevant experts, if required. BMU will select the project outlines with high potential based on available budget funds.

List of possible funding countries 


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